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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Better Late Than Never...

My sister is a wonderfully patient woman. Last Christmas I gifted her with the Cabled Shrug from the IK Winter '05 in a beautiful deep rose color. Her office has a full wall of glass and as she is always cold, I thought this would be perfect to cozy her up at work. I gave it to her at her Christmas Open House when it was only about 1/3 finished. I showed her the picture and pattern in the magazine so she'd know what it was going to look like when completed. The look on her face was priceless! With a tone of utter horror she said, "Do I have to finish it?!" I about died laughing. She, you see, is not a knitter. When I calmed down enough to talk, I assured her that I'd finish it and tada! I finally have. I brought it to her last week and she loves it even more now. She did joke that I'd brought her an Easter present tho'. She took the shrug home to show her family and their comments were funny, too. Her oldest son told her she really looks like an old lady now and they all wanted to know where the rest of her sweater was. I told her to tell them she'd get the rest of the sweater *next* Christmas...or maybe! So here is a photo of the finished shrug wrapped around my sister who wouldn't want me to post the photo I took of the front view of her wearing the shrug because she has a really weird expression on her face which is a direct result of her telling me how much she hates having her picture taken while I was taking her picture. :)


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