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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Closing Ceremonies meet Bathroom Renovations

I apologize for being late with my promised report from the Olympic Closing Ceremonies. I have been distracted with trying desperately to finish the bathroom renovation before my in-laws get back from their winter vacation to the Cape. Mind you, this renovation began back in July when they were on their summer vacation. Our BIL came up and spent the better part of a week with us gutting the bathroom and helping to install all new fixtures and a new floor. We took out the ancient 9000 pound cast iron tub (it is now living happily as a horse waterer across town, much to my delight) and installed a beautiful HUGE shower-for-two. Since Dad's stroke it is increasingly more and more difficult for him to be climbing in and out of a tub and since we are all shower and not bath people we all agreed that a big fat shower-for-two was the way to go.

We took down a wall, built a new wall, installed new fixtures, laid a new floor from the sub-sub-floor up, forgot about insulating the new shower piping and drain system (which has led to its own set of challenges that we will have to address in a more permanent manner come spring), sanded, washed and prepped for painting, stripped down the door which had at least 14 coats of paint, got one coat of paint up on most of the walls...and the folks came home. Three days before we expected them which promptly put a halt to the work in progress. Why, you ask? Suffice it to say that trying to accomplish home renovations when my FIL is at home is sort of like trying to take a shower alone when you have a toddler in the house. Impossible because the toddler wants to be glued to your hip AND wants a shower themselves whether they are capable of taking one or not. :) Living with a stroke survivor is a challenge much as living with a toddler is a challenge. You love them BUT...

So at this point I've been painting and painting and painting. DH has been drilling for molly bolts to hang the towel rings, TP holder and paper towel holder. He also painted the ceiling cuz he's the tall one. We're almost done.

Enough about my bathroom...on to the Olympics!

Closing Ceremonies are traditionally much more laid back and far less serious than the Opening Ceremonies. Or so they said during the broadcast. Yes, I can see how serious giant Moon and Sun balloons are to say nothing about the somber Sparks of Passion flame-headed skating dudes and the Ferrari spinning donuts. LMAO All in all, the Closing Ceremonies were very nice. The Italian cross-country skiier receiving another Gold medal from his sister was a lovely touch for Italy who was granted one more opportunity to belt out their national anthem en masse. I was knitting frantically through the ceremonies trying to finish DH's socks but I did take a moment or two to jot down a few notes in anticipation of this report so follow along...

Italy chose to end the Olympics with a nod to Carnivale. Now, you may have noticed that I'm a devotee of New Orleans and I adore celebrating Mardi Gras in the Cresent City but when the Ceremonies began with a herd of CLOWNS...I was less than thrilled. I'm not a fan of clowns. :/ I find them creepy at best.

The music was an improvement over the Opening Ceremonies. Happy Italian music vs. bad American Disco music. Easy choice.

The USA baseball caps weren't nearly as "Oh! I want one!" as the USA berets.

Lovely to see Emily Hughes with her teammates. How much fun was that for her? Hopefully, she will have an injury-free four years because I think she's capable of even greater things in Vancouver. For a kid who was called up at the last minute she was mighty impressive in Italy! Oh, and I hope Sasha Cohen heard about how that silly Flying Tomato snowboard kid was trying to impress her with his Gold medal. It was cute.

Speaking of much do you think the Canadian teammates were being offered for those Vancouver 2010 scarves?? Very cool! And didn't you just LOVE the Mayor of Vancouver waving the flag?! I cried and I'm not ashamed. Almost makes one wish to be Canadian for that one day, eh? The most decorated athlete at the Games was not only a Canadian but a woman, too. How proud are they?

But then it was "Canadian Carnivale" and Avril Lavigne. What, Celine wouldn't come? Alex Trebeck was busy? Michael J. Fox couldn't travel? Good grief, what were they thinking?

I'm impressed with Joey Cheek's charitable donations and less than impressed with Chad Hedrick and Shani Davis' immature antics.

The USA men's hockey team are whiners and maybe playing professionals should be reconsidered in four years. We might have done better with amateurs and they would have been happy for the experience.

The Ice Dancing Soap Opera involving the married Italian couple who came out of retirement for the Olympics in their home country was incredible! You can't make up stuff like that! I meant to write about it but my Knitting Olympics knitting kept me from doing so. All I'll say now is this...if you missed it, it's too bad. As many stories as the Olympics generates, this was the best of this Games.

I've become a dedicated armchair curler. I've never even seen it live but I'm so convinced that given the chance I'd be good at it! Put me in, coach...I'm ready to play! lol

I will miss my favorite Olympic commercial. "Oh, no! It's Apolo! What do the other teams say? Oh, no! It's Apolo! ::handclappystuff::" It cracked me up from the first time I saw it to the last time I saw it.

And then there is Bode. I still love him and my DD still wants to kiss him. It's amusing that the media can't seem to swallow the concept that this man lives his own life and answers to himself. They created an enormous hype around him and when he didn't perform to their expectations they attempted to crucify him. When he didn't care what they were saying it made them even more angry. I read an article in the Boston Herald yesterday by some woman who's name wasn't important enough to remember who slammed him for not caring that he didn't win medals. Bode has different goals and according to him, he met his own goals and was very happy with his Olympic experience. Would it have been "better" if he'd won medals? Maybe, maybe not. It isn't about winning and's about experiencing, finding the lessons for you and coming away being satisfied with yourself. It's about being part of something that's bigger than you are. Participation is important. If it was only about winning medals all those dozens of athletes who haven't a prayer of winning wouldn't even bother to show up and then where would the Olympics be? Come on home to NH, Bode. We still love you!

So now the 2006 Winter Games are over. I loved every minute of them. Yes, even the mostly boring to watch cross country skiing! I can hardly wait for the Summer Games in 2008!

Today is Mardi Gras. I'd like to close by wishing everyone a wonderful Fat Tuesday and...

laissez le bon ton roulez!


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