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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Swirl, Tap, Buff, Tequila!

Here is my beautiful daughter, Aurora and two of her beautiful girlfriends Alisha and Jen. I have a whole new passle of "adopted" children in Florida now, Miss Alisha and Miss Jen are only two of them!

When I was in Florida on vacation (in addition to many other adventures) these girls and I spent an afternoon together indulging our girly selves with makeup and shopping. I have been interested in the Bare Minerals makeup line since I saw an infomercial years ago. Unfortunately the stuff can't be had here in New England so I'd not had opportunity to try it out yet. My daughter found a Bare Escentuals boutique at the Florida Mall and since Miss Jen has been a dedicated Bare Minerals wearer for years and swears by the stuff (just look at that face and you'll know why!) off we went to be swirled and buffed en masse. At the risk of sounding like an advertisment myself, this stuff is fantastic! What fun it was to have my face "done" by someone other than myself, too. I would only recommend to the store in the Mall that they lower their Starter Kit price to match the price at the make up store across the way (Sephora) where we all tripped over to buy ours. A $15.00 dollar savings per kit is substantial and the actual Bare Escentuals boutique lost 4 sales because of it that day alone. A week or so later my girls took the rest of their crowd for swirling and buffing and again, everyone went to Sephora to purchase.

After our makeup and shopping needs were met, on our way out of the Mall we passed by a lovely tequila bar (imagine 180 different kinds of tequila to choose from!) and Miss Alisha allowed as how we should all do a shot of tequila to celebrate our mutual swirling and buffing. I said it would be my treat and shepherded my pretty flock into the bar. No one has ever had to ask me twice if I'd like to do a shot of tequila. ;) The charming bartender asked if we would like a table and I told him that would be fine but we wouldn't need it for more than a couple of minutes so he invited us to join him at the bar instead. After a brief discussion, I ordered a round of Jose Cuervo Gold with lime and salt and passed the girls their shots. The gentlemen sitting at the bar were enchanted with my girls and most impressed when, after a brief tutorial regarding the salt and lime, the shots were tossed back like we'd been doing it for years. Well, ok...some of us have been, so? ;P However, when Miss Jen turned to me and said "Thanks, Mom! That was my first shot of tequila ever!" and Miss Alisha chimed in with "Me, too! Thanks, Mom!" you could have knocked me over with a nacho chip! As it turned out the only one of us who had any previous experience with shots of Jose was,! After curtsying to the round of enthusiastic applause from the bartender and the gentlemen sitting at the bar (and a wink for the Aussie tourist who was very amused by us all), we swanned our bad selves out of the Mall and went off to meet "the boys" who were amazed that their girls had been doing tequila shots with "Aurora's Mom". So I guess I'm a bad influence but we are swirled and buffed and we all look great, so it's all good!


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