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Monday, February 20, 2006

Power Outages and a Pathetic Sunday

May I present to you...the 2nd pair of socks. I'm knitting these for my DH. I (too easily) made my Knitting Olympics goal so I increased the difficulty in the hope of impressing the judges, joined the 2 Pairs of Socks Dash and I'm knitting away to get this pair finished by the end of Closing Ceremonies. The first sock can be seen on the needles. I'm still knitting toe-up as that was the challenge initially but I did change the cast-on. I started Friday the 17th about mid-day and took yesterday off completely and laid about looking pathetic and feeling very sorry for myself as I have a head cold. I didn't get a chance to blog before now because of the power outages on Friday and Saturday and all the pathos on Sunday. My poor 'puter tweaked and I've lost everything again, too. You may have noticed there are some >koff< "challenges" with my Olympic buttons and my photo but I hope to have those adjusted by this evening. Are you feeling sorry for me yet?

I've been faithfully watching the Olympic coverage on TV. Where else do you get to see things like biathalon and curling except during the Olympics? I don't know how we survive without it! I don't know about you but as many skiiers and 'boarders as I see around here, no one has ever skiied into *my* back yard, thrown themselves to the ground, shot at a target and then skiied off again. Well, there was that one time...but the guy swore he thought the '57 pick-up was an enemy tank in camo and we all know that he doesn't need his meds anymore since the "cure" and all...heehee

Have you noticed that virtually all of the biatheletes are in the military? I don't think that's a coincidence. We don't see much biatheletic competition on the high school level anymore. My DD tells me that curling is all the rage this year in Florida. Go figure. Now I have to take a broom on vacation! It's a mad plot, I tell you.

Poor Bode has had a rough go on the slopes (and reportedly, off the slopes) but he still has opportunity to medal so I haven't lost all hope yet. I think it's nothing short of miraculous that he didn't rip his leg off when he caught that edge and went off course during the Super G (I think it was the Super G). C'mon Bode! We're still loving you here in NH!

Last night, the poor ice dancers couldn't seem to keep their feets (or their partner's feets!) underneath them! Maybe they were distracted by the juxtaposition of their neon costumes against the weirdly-colored-if-you're-wearing-neon rink wall. Rumor has it that the French judge walked out in disgust and the Olympic Committee is bringing in the Magic Fridge commercial guys who will be scoring high for creativity in the Ice Sprawling segment.

Speaking of ice skating costumes... on the first night of competition most of the ice dancing women looked like Vegas brides gone bad. Last night they just looked mostly naked except for the stragically placed neon Post-It notes and fringe which I would think could be a bit distracting. Imagine those Post-It notes floating about in the arena because they have come loose! The guys either look like companion neon Post-It notes or terribly faux Vegas waiters gone bad. I suppose they are aiming for "edgy" and "modern" and maybe even "we're in Italy so we're going to push the fashion envelope" but IMHO that envelope should be resealed, put in a wine bottle (Bode has some empty ones, I'm sure) and buried in a "where we went wrong" capsule under the entrance to the Olympic Village.

Johnny "The Swan Guy" Weir's costume was gorgeous. It's just too bad his performance hasn't lived up to his costume. If anyone spots his missing aura, please return it to the Olympic Village so he can skate the way he thinks he should. I think it's out shopping for another body to inhabit. Maybe Bode can use an extra aura...

Watching Cross Country skiiing is boring. I don't care what the back-stories are, it's like watching golf and that's none too exciting. Although seeing the sister of one of the relay/team/pursuit/whatever-they-are-called 4x10 guys present him with the Gold medal was quite nice.

I like the arrangement of the Star Spangled Banner they are playing at the medals ceremonies. I'm hoping to hear more of it.

I still LOVE the snowboarding events! I took a break from the Olympics yesterday to watch the Daytona 500 (well, ok...NBC stopped Olympic coverage so they could broadcast the race and I was too pathetic to change the channel) and there were those adorable Gold and Silver winning snowboarding girls Hannah and Gretchen riding with Wally and starting the race! How much fun are they having? My DH is quite worried that they won't be able to get back to Italy and participate in the Closing Ceremonies so if anyone knows what's going on with that, please let me know!

And how was your day...?


  • At February 20, 2006 7:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    My day was great, thanks for asking! I LOVE the second pair! I can't wait to make mine! The colors are fab!



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