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Thursday, March 09, 2006

March is "I'm A Lucky Mom" Month!

This is the view off the top of Gunstock Mountain looking across the Lakes Region. Isn't it beautiful? Yesterday I went with my youngest son's middle school for their annual Winter Carnival Day. It was a gorgeous late winter day in New Hampshire with a warm, bright sun and temps hovering around 50 degrees. It was slightly breezy which the skiiers and 'boarders assured us was good because it was "hot" on the slopes.

I gave up hurling myself down a mountain on skinny sticks years ago so I enjoyed my day basking in the sunshine streaming through the huge windows of the Base Lodge watching the kids hurling themselves down the mountain on a variety of skiis, snowboards and tubes while knitting a pair of Mittlets for my friend's son Gerry. I had wonderful knitting company, too! A friend from knitting group is a teacher at the middle school and she worked on a sleeve for a sweater for her husband and another teacher who is a new knitter worked hard on an Elizabeth Zimmerman baby jacket, her first actual project. We assured her that she was looking mighty impressive with her three balls of yarn while she was shaping the shoulders, front and back of the jacket.

Shortly after we arrived with our busloads of eager kids, my eldest son and his best friend showed up to say hi. They had decided to spend their day off from work (at another ski mountain) snowboarding there at Gunstock just in case I needed them for anything. How sweet is that? Now, I assure you, my son didn't actually SAY he was there in case I needed him for anything but when the middle school trip day was changed at the last minute, his plans to spend a day at the same mountain changed, too. Coincidence? I think not. >g<>

Next week...I'm off to Florida to bask in the sunshine and spend 8 fabulous days with my DD. She has gotten us onto a Mardi Gras float at Universal Studios to throw beads in their weekly Saturday night Mardi Gras celebration which runs through the end of April. I understand from the website that Universal Studios Orlando has rented authentic Mardi Gras floats from the city of New Orleans and is helping to raise money for the Katrina rebuilding. I'm beyond excited! DD has also scored (free!) tickets to the Orlando Magic game against the Utah Jazz and has arranged some ice AND roller skating for us while I'm there. It will be a week chockful of fun and I'm so looking forward to seeing her! We're going to hit a couple of LYS I found online so we can pick up some yarn for me to knit more socks for her, too.

When I return from Florida, DH is whisking me away for our long-awaited Weekend of Fun at Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut! We are going with friends and have fat plans for a spa day, lots of lolling at the pool with tropical drinks in hand, poker tournaments and fancy dinners.

Am I not the luckiest mom you know today? *I* think I am!


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