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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Darling, What Big Feets You Have!

As of this very minute...3:45 pm 2-22-06...this is where I am on the 2nd pair of Knitting Olympics socks. I don't know if I've said so yet but this is absolutely delicious yarn to knit with! Trekking (XXL)...get yourself some. Very soft and smooth, the colors are gorgeous and quite to my surprise as it's a superwash, I expected not to have as nice a hand as handwash wool gives but there is no stiffness at all. I'm liking it and I'll absolutely use it again. Which is a good thing because I have another skein in my stash.

I was asked at knitting group last night why I do my ribbing all the way to the heel. Or FROM the heel, in this toe-up case. I think the socks fit better that way. I don't like a baggy leg on a sock. Since these are for my DH I asked him what his preference was and he gave me a favorite sock which was ribbed from the heel to the top so that's what I did here. It's amazing how LARGE a guy's foot becomes when you are knitting him socks one stitch at a time on teeny toothpick needles with finely spun yarn! DH is a big guy and all but it isn't like he's wearing Shaquille O'Neil-sized shoes! According to the shoe guy at Finish Line (blatant plug cuz I'm pleased with them this week) DH's shoe size is at the top end of average which is why it's always an adventure to try and find sneakers for him. His size is usually sold out because so many people wear it. According to me, the woman who loves him enough to knit him socks, his foot is HUGE! >g<

Stay tuned for more reports from the Olympic Venue but for now...back to knitting! ;)


  • At February 22, 2006 6:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Socks look great! You really must love that man with the big feet! It reminds me of a sweater I made recently :) Looking forward to your next olympic report!

    Shantana - still me :P


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