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Thursday, February 16, 2006

The k2p1 Crawl For The Gold Continues...

YAY! I've finished a sock and I'm well into the second one. It fits, too! I had a minor change in competition timing Monday afternoon when DH kidnapped me for an early Valentine's Day frolic. We both had other obligations Tuesday so we had gifts, shopping and way too much seafood dinner and I left off the knitting for the rest of Monday.

Tuesday brought about a change in equipment. My darling Gracie saw fit to chew off the end of one of my size 1 DPNs when I wasn't looking which led to a mad scramble in front of the Knitting Olympic Committee to have the change in equipment approved. I had to switch from the short needles program to the long needles program and the change was approved in a matter of minutes. I think the members of the Committee have cats. Tuesday also saw the finish of the first "leg" of the Sock Pair Event while I was at knitting group. Shan and I hummed the Olympic Theme and I started the second sock. And ripped it out. Started the second sock again. And ripped it out. Started it a third time, got it right and was off into toe increases. Or so I thought...

Wednesday morning I woke up, picked up the sock, confirmed my suspicion that I'd done the toe increases wrong and ripped it out again. The good news is that by 8:00 am I was back on my game and by 9:00 pm last night when I surrendered to the lure of a warm bed and an early sleep I had finished the toe increases, the foot and had the heel turned. Once the back of the heel is complete it's the Home Rib to the finish bind off!

That's all for now...I'm off to conduct a tour of the LYS, do some mad bargain hunting and have lunch with friends. My knitting is packed in its basket and I'm aiming for LOTS of knitting time today!


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