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Friday, February 03, 2006

Knitting Olympics: USA Sock Team

Oh lords, what have I done to myself now??

Yarn Harlot is a brilliantly funny knitter/blogger/author who has challenged all of us knitters to join in on the Knitting Olympics. The basic premise is that you choose a project that is a challenge to your skills. You cast on during the Opening Ceremonies on Feb 10 and you must be finished by the end of Closing Ceremonies on Feb 26. You have 16 days to finish your chosen project and if you succeed, you will be gifted with a fine Gold Medal to proudly display on your website or blog or print out and hang on your wall.

So, I joined up. Yes, me...the girl who isn't much of a "joiner" is all over this Olympics thing. I have chosen to knit toe-up socks. Now, those who know me are well aware that I live, breathe and sleep knitting socks. BUT...I knit baby socks! Little, teeny, tiny, adorable, can-be-finished-in-one-day baby socks. Ok, I have ventured out into CHILDREN'S socks, too but let's be honest here...I have finished exactly ONE pair of adult sized socks in my whole knitting life and they took me what...6 months? (My daughter has them and I'm sure she'll remember exactly how long they took and will let us all know and now she knows why she only has one pair)

The socks I've chosen for the Knitting Olympics are adult-sized socks for my youngest son. He picked the yarn and the pattern was given to me by a knitting pal (thanks Shan!!). Both the yarn and pattern are from KnitPicks. Oddly enough, my son ended up picking the exact yarn that's shown in the pattern pic without ever seeing the pattern. It must be fate! They are knit toe-up, at the same time, together on 2 circular needles. I LOVE my DPNs and altho' I've heard rumors about this loopy thang for awhile but I haven't even read the pattern yet so it should be interesting! I would also like to mention that I've never knit anything under a deadline...I march to my own drum and don't like that kind of structure in my art. So now you see why this project is challenging enough that I felt it qualified me to represent the knitters of America in the 2006 Knitting Olympics!

Check out the link below and see if you want to join in the madness, errr, FUN of knitting along with thousands (yes, THOUSANDS, really, check it out) of us in the Knitting Olympics!

Wish me luck, people! Get out there and cheer for the USA Sock Team in the 2006 Knitting Olympics!
Wave your DPNs and circular needles high! C'mon...chant with me...KNIT 1, PURL 1...KNIT 1, PURL 1...KNIT 1, PURL 1.........


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