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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Rabbit, rabbit

Happy February! Did any of you grow up believing that if "rabbit, rabbit" was the very first thing you uttered on the first day of a new month it would bring you luck? LOL Silly the things we don't let go of. Anything for a little luck, huh?

Today I'd like to show off a completed project. The sweater set belongs to my grand-nephew TheBabyCole. He is my sister's first grandchild and we are all madly in love with him. For him I knit an Aran sweater with matching roll-brim hat topped with corkscrews and socks. It was a mistake. :( The sweater pattern is terrific and wasn't tough to knit and the yarn is gorgeous but because it's varigated it hides all the fancy-schmancy stitch work I worked so hard on! Totally my fault for not thinking it out before getting past half done so I went ahead and finished it anyway. I doubt that TBC is scarred by it tho' and AuntieJo promises to do better next time! He has received other AuntieJo hand knits but I don't have pictures of those yet.

The other photo is of another pair of the Mittlets that I've been so hooked on these last few weeks. They are an adult XL size and belong to my son's tutor Jessie. She requested the colors and I think they are fun! They are knit with sport weight wool, are warm without being hot and take no time at all. Anyone who lives in a drafty old house (like me!) will appreciate a pair or three and there are eleventy gajillion patterns out there. If you can't find one or just want another one feel free to email me and ask...I'll be happy to send you mine. I highly recommend them for gift giving.

I'm frustrated by this photo posting thing. While reading other people's blogs (referred to as OPBs from now on) I see how they have all these cute link-like things on the right hand side of their pages usually labeled something like "completed projects" where one can click and see a slide show of wonderful hand knits. I so want to do that so if anyone can tell me how, I'd appreciate it! I can follow directions, really. When I want to anyway. I also want to add more links. I thought I had this process worked out but apparently I need to try again. I'm halfway there (I think) so be patient and I'll figure it out soon.


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