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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I have been knitting like crazy lately and want to show off not only my knitting but that I have learned how to add photos to my blog so here we go. I've fallen in love with these fingerless mittens things. The most prevelant name I've seen for them is "wristers" I hate that name. :)

So after knitting up a bunch of assorted patterns for these critters and not being totally happy with any of them, I've developed my own pattern and I call them "Mittlets". So there! :P
I do them in 4 sizes and the 3 smaller sizes are named after my friend's lovely girls who are more than willing to be spoiled by me with fun hand knit goodies. They have been spoiling me in return, Emma finger knit me the coolest scarf in shades of ocean blues and greens! I just love it!

From left to right above, "Maddie's Mittlets" are adult medium size, "Emma's Mittlets" are large child size and "Erin's Mittlets" will fit a wee one. Aren't they cute? The girls' hands, silly...I *know* the Mittlets are cute! >g<


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