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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I have to tell this story...

The first meeting my knitting group held after Christmas was a ton of fun. Everyone brought all the knitting goodies they had been gifted and we had show and tell. One of our group had a terrific knitting calendar and of course, the rest of us coveted it madly. Noone in the area had any left so the hunt was on...

My DarlingHusband spent the two weeks following Christmas driving with me all over the state to every book store and calendar place in the mall we could find looking for this thing. My mission was two-fold: buy as many as I could find for the knitting group AND get them at 1/2 price. I know, I know...everyone had it online and I could have gotten 30,014 of them but they were all still selling at full price when all the calendar places had gone to half price so this frugal Yankee was on a mission...a mission from the discount gods.

At the end of a gallant but fruitless two week search DH and I hit the LAST Barnes & Noble we could find in NH and they were out of them, too. He decided to visit the Little DHs Room before we headed home and as I wandered around a corner nowhere near the HUGE calendar display...THERE THEY WERE! Two of them. Sitting all alone on a bottom shelf hiding under the Crochet calendar just waiting for me! Shyly wearing 50% off stickers like proud badges of honor! YAAAAAAYYYY!!!! (My abject apologies to everyone who was in that B&N but sometimes a girl's gotta yell) I snatched them up and RAN for the checkout. I must have looked like a madwoman...mothers were snatching their children out of my way in alarm, fathers were diving over stacks of books...I think security was called but they must have decided I was harmless after all because they didn't actually approach me they just hovered in the background. >lashflutter<

(The girl at the checkout said to me, "Oh! I saw this calendar! I'm going to get one of these for myself...I just learned how to knit." To which I replied, "Good luck! I think I just got the last two." I hope she was able to get one...she held up the lines admiring my newly knit mittlets and talking knitting with me for at least 20

I found DH perusing the motorcycle magazines, showed him my coup (he was proud) and off we went for the 2 hour drive home. When we got home I pulled one of the calendars out of the bag and handed it to my MotherInLaw, who knits with me but doesn't often make it to knitting group and said, "Look! It took two weeks and 8000 miles on the truck but I finally found it! I got two and I only paid half price!" She looked at the calendar, looked at me, put her hands up on her head and gazed into the distance for a minute, looked back at me, held up one finger in a "wait a minute" gesture and went off into the other room. We heard sounds of mad rummage and she returned bearing >GASP<>



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