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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Well, here we are. Welcome! I'm Jo and this is my blog. The "about me" portion of this blog is in the profile thing so go there if you're remotely curious "about me". Or just read on. In my blog I will talk about my knitting and my art and probably other things as well. I tend to ramble so either click off and go someplace else where the blogger is more thought-gathered than I am or sit back and enjoy. Your choice. I love choices, don't you?

My art explorations are vast and unlimited and consist of many things. "Sticks and Strings" refers to my knitting which I am a little obsessed with. I knit all the time, I knit everywhere. I have a bazillion and four projects going and I actually finish them! Mostly. Someday I'm planning to knit on the back of my DH's motorcycle. As soon as he decides to get one with one of those armchair-like seats on the back for me, you'll see me happily knitting away as he plays at being one of The Wild Bunch. Currently we are very happy with me snuggled up behind him on his new Harley not knitting, we'll see what the future brings. (Safety Chat Alert: I'm not planning to knit on my own bike cuz I need both hands to drive it and knitting while driving just isn't safe. Knitting while riding in a car is mostly ok, there could be airbag issues, but again not while driving. End of Safety Chat.) So right now I bring my knitting everywhere in the hope that I'll have an extra minute or 60 so I can knit a row/round/sock while I wait in line, wait for food, wait for the practice or game to be over, wait to be "next, please" or anything of the like. Having mastered the enviable technique Knitting While Walking I can be seen knitting while strolling the mall, wandering around at the beach or walking the fairgrounds during a fair or festival. (More Safety Chat: knitting while ogling men in kilts can be harmful to your health...or rather the health of your knitting >>holding up "extra-long sock-with-no-heel" as example<< face="trebuchet ms">
"Other Things" are exactly that and can range from painted bowls, furniture and home dec items to altered books to memory pages for scrapbooks to handmade books to altered boxes (an alternative to memory pages and scrapbooks) to cards and tags to painted murals to trompe l'oeil and faux finishes to tattoos to...well, you get the idea. My family warns that if it's round or half round it is in grave danger of being painted like a watermelon and should beware. "It" being any object within reach of my paintbrush. They only exaggerate a little because I have been known to give attention to other fruit on occasion. If it doesn't get painted it may well be in grave danger of having things glued to it. "Things" being any item that will willingly be glued. I'm firmly against gluing things that don't wish to be glued. A good policy that I encourage everyone to practice. Your children and your pets will thank you. I'm also exploring the world of tattoo flash. Yes, I have tattoos. No, you can't see them. Maybe later, if you're good. Why? Because I said so. Currently I'm working on a koi and on some things for my nephew who is learning how to tattoo. So basically, as you can probably tell, I have the attention span of a gnat and if I'm not immersed in a gagillion and five different things I get bored! A bored Gemini is an unhappy Gemini. An unhappy Gemini makes others around her miserable. Because she can.

Have you guessed yet that I don't know a THING about making a blog? I've read some blogs online and in a book my daughter loaned me. (The book was rather risque so we won't talk about "those" kinds of blogs here. >wink<) I get the basic blog idea (I think) and I'm excited to see how I can build mine. I plan to have cool links. I like to run amok around the 'net (with scissors of course) and see what I can find and I'm happy to share. I already have some ideas I'm just not sure exactly how to do it yet. I plan to post pictures. No, not of me, I'm horribly photo-allergic and tend to break out in hives no matter what side of the camera I'm on. I'll post pics of my art and my knitting and probably my photogenic pets who are camera hogs and love to show off. I'll absolutely post pics of the motorcycle. It too is a camera hog and loves to show off. Show me a Harley that doesn't. As soon as I master links and pics, you'll know. Look forward to them, it will make your day more exciting and it's good for your blood pressure. Anyone I've invited in, have at it! Anyone who just finds their way here and thinks they may know me, I deny everything! Feel free to contact me and offer suggestions, criticisms or recipes for your favorite cookies. I don't bake cookies but I know people who do.

So we're off to the races! Or something like that...


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